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Dance Guidelines

1. Basic Rules:

1.1 In every discipline all dances must have an unique name, the title of the music piece is irrelevant.

1.2 The dance disciplines are divided into three categories:

1.2.1 a) Technical dances: Jazz, Modern, Classic, Step, Character-Dance

1.2.2 b) Free style and open: do not need a certain dance technique: for example Disco, Hip Hop, Revue-dance, Formation-dance, Afro....

1.2.3 c) Theme dances: Musical-Performance, Production numbers.

1.2.4 In technical dances the typical technique must be clearly seen and the typical elements must be involved. In the theme dances it is necessary to be able to recognize the different characters as well as the story behind it. No definite dance technique is required.

1.2.5 All disciplines are open to the artistic interpretation and style of the choreographers.

1.2.6 It is stressed that a complete picture of harmony, technique, music and costumes is given.

1.2.7 Important for all disciplines is the creativity, originality in the theme and the choreography. Foremost is the optimal use of the given space and also of special effects.

1.3 Acrobatic or Gymnastic Movements:

1.3.1 These movements are only allowed in conjunction with the dance and are not allowed to be used by them-selves or to be domineering. All elements have to be in a dance movement.

1.4 Choreography has to support the ability of the dancer. If the student does not have the ability for the degree of difficulty of the choreography then it will be evaluated as negative.

1.4.1 Individual impression can only be evaluated in solo dances. In all other categories the impression is evaluated on a group level.

1.4.2 In couple- or triple-dances the reference to each other has to be clearly seen.

1.5 Only in the categories "Musical-Performance" or "Production number" is it allowed to sing or speak.

2. Disqualification Criterias:

2.1 No dancing on pointe (tip of toe) under the age of twelve years.

2.2 Unfair and disrupting behaviour during the competition. After the second warning, it leads to disqualification and exclusion from the competition.

2.3 Disqualification for Ballroom-dancing, Rock'n Roll and classical choreographies.

2.4 A dancer is not allowed to start more than once in each category.

2.5 Professional dancers may not join the competition.


Greetings and Information by the Organizers

Dear Competitors, Dance Club Leaders,

We, the Hungarian Stage Dance Sports Federation and Jr. Holiday Sports Club are pleased to organize an international qualification E.S.D.U. competition for the first time in Hungary. All the details and particulars of the competition is agreed upon and being in coincidence with the rules of E.S.D.U., therefore those are also referred to in an unchanged text above.

It’s a pleasure to welcome You and to offer the possibility of reaching the 100 point level and thus getting the qualification for the E.S.D.U. European Championship „European Open 2002” to be organized in Villach (Austria) on April 27-28., 2002.

We’ll do our bests to provide for such a competition, which will be successful and suitable for all the participants. To achieve this goal, Your kind cooperation is previously greatly appreciated. All the necessary information is continuously supplied for the applicants.

The place of the competition, the Cultural Centre „Barátság” (Friendship) is a modern building located in the dwelling komplex of town Százhalombatta, a smaller town located nearby the capital Budapest at a distance of about 20 km-s in the southwestern direction.

Accessibility of the town: by car, bus or train. From Budapest, on highway You can take M0 and the trunk road no. 6. From the direction of Székesfehérvár You can take trunk road no. 6. From Budapest Etele tér bus station there are regular bus lines to Százhalombatta. The trip takes about half an hour.

All contacting, nomination and other details should be arranged through the Hungarian Stage Dance Sports Federation. The local organizer, Jr. Holiday Sports Club is at Your disposal in the questions concerning ticket reservation, orders of accomodation and meals. The contacting particulars are given on the front page and on the invitation sheet.

We do hope, that all those above at Your interest and we can greet You as our competitors and guests on the Hungarian Open 2002. Till then, wishing You a good preparation work and waiting for Your application.

Sincerely Yours:

Hungarian Stage Dance Sports Federation Jr. HOLIDAY Sports Club