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Shall We Dance ?

A beautiful japanese dance-movie, most exciting for 10-dancers. A japanese "salaryman" with pretty boring life, on the way home sees a beautiful girl, standing in the window of a dance school. Being captured by her esotheric, cool look he tries to find a way to come nearer to her and her world.

Mr. Sugiyama - our hero - joins the school and with the increasing dance knowledge his self-esteem increases too.

But Mia seems to be far-far away

During the lessions Sugiyama start to enjoy dancing

In an intimate hour the secret of Mia is revealed.

A Dance Contest in Blackpool

The poor wife senses the new vibrations around the husband, and with help of a privat eye she finds out wht the man is doing. The wife and the daughter is sitting in the crowd and watching Sugiyamas first dance contest.

The performance is going splendid.