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DERCE V A 4 1 • S I - 1 0 0 0 L J U B L JANA

TELEFON: + 3 8 6 - 1 5 1 5 5 1 0 0 • FAKS : + 3 8 6 - 1 5 1 5 5 1 0 1


Ljubljana, 23.01.2003


Dear Rock’n’Roll friends,

Before the beginning of competitions in 2003 I would like to point out some topics, which

are important for all competitions in 2003


From 01.01.2003 the payment of starting Fee is obligatory for all World Masters RnR,

World Cups Y/J RnR, World Cups Boogie and Europe Cups RnR “B” class.

The fee is 5 EUR per person and must be payed upon the registration of couples.

The organizer keeps 50% of starting fee and 50% goes to WRRC. The organizer has to

pay this amount directly during the event to appointed WRRC Observer.

The amount is calculated regarding the number of couples who took part at the

competition and the organizer is responsible to collect the fee from all participants.

2. AGE GROUPS 2003


- YOUTH: 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990

- JUNIORS: 1991,1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1986

- "B" class: 1989 or older

- Main class: 1988 or older

- Junior formations: 1995 - 1986

- Main c. formations: 1988 or older

Boogie woogie:

- Juniors: 1986 or younger

- Main class: 1989 or older

- Seniors: 1968 and 1963 or older!

Lindy hop

- Juniors: 1986 or younger

- Main class: 1987 and 1985 or older

- Seniors: 1968 and 1963 or older

Bugg, doublebug

- Juniors: 1991, 1990, 1989,1988

- Main class: 1987 -1968

- Seniors: 1968 or older (only bugg)

Sports director WRRC

Miriam Kerpan Izak


Excerpts of the Minutes WRRC Presidium Meeting on 18./19.1.03 in Munich Erding

WRRC Rules

The decision that candidates for the evaluation judge examinations must be

able to speak English, German or French is to be incorporated into the rules

(possibly as an Appendix).

As ever, marked yellow for approx. 6 months, as a new point.

Auditors' recommendations from the 2002 General Meeting:

It was once again set down in writing that the points that were recommended

by the auditors will be taken into consideration in the future and integrated

into the fee order.

In the World Cup Junior, the second sentence of Point 4.1.1 will be deleted

(re. observers for World Cups)

Tournament § 8 Point 1

To be added:

World Cup youth/juniors to Masters and World Competitions.

It was also decided to delete Point TO 4.9. completely.

An extra Presidium workshop is planned on the topic of "Evaluation

Guidelines" at the Presidium Meeting in June 2003.

It was decided that, for the starting entitlement for Form. Main Class and

Quattro, a maximum of 3 formations per nation would be allowed.

Must be incorporated into the regulations.

Application for increasing the tournament fee for World Cup Juniors to 350 €.

Accepted. Valid from 1.1.2004.

Change in fee scale for World Cup Youth / Jun. to 350 €.

Application from D. De Coster that the tasks of the commissioners should be


Manfred Mohab and D. Bachmann will prepare a wording describing the

tasks of the commissioners in the WRRC.

Applications for tournaments in 2003/2004

R. Esteban applied for an additional Boogie World Cup Main Class each year

with his World Masters RR in Lyons.

Approval was given, but on condition that he takes 2 Judging Teams, like it is

in the rules for every organizer who has 2 competitions on the same date.

Application from Germany for TSC Rot Weiss Bad Hersfeld:

13th Sept. World Cup Youth / Jun. and Europ. Cup B Class.


Application from Hersfeld "Proposal for use of functionaries“ to be answered

by M. Kerpan.

Meeting of the Presidium of the WRRC 18./19.1.03 Munich Erding 2

Application from Hersfeld "Evaluation of nations": is OK, but without titles

being awarded.

Application from Hersfeld for couples to register directly with organiser:


Application from Krakow in Poland for a World Cup Youth/Jun. with Europ.

Cup B-Class on 15.11.03.


The Viennese Masters for 2003 is currently planned for 13.12.03.

The WRRC is to be sent final notification.

Application from Angelo Cicconi

27.9.03 for World Champ. Boogie all classes

(Main Class has been given to Riesa – will not work)

together with the World Cup RR Youth/Jun.

A. Cicconi was offered Boogie Jun. / Sen and RR Jun./Youth but with 8 max.

per country.

Application from Angelo Cicconi for 2004

23.10.04 or 16.10. if this is not possible.

World Champ. Youth/Jun. and Europ. B-Class

A application was also received at the same time from Ukraine for a World

Champ. Youth/Jun. (Couples and Form.) in Nov. 2004.

A decision in favour of A. Cicconi or Ukraine will be made in March.

RIESA also has the World Champ. Form. Juniors for 2004.

Attention will be drawn to this in more detail in the Internet.


1.3. Nimes D. Bachmann

22.3. Lyons D. Bachmann

4./5.4. St. Petersburg A.B. Neman-Kilgren

5.4. Nancy M. Kerpan

26.4. Riesa W. Steuer

10.5. Munich T. Keller

17.5. Montpellier :M. Mohab

31.5. Zielona Gora A.B. Neman-Kilgren

28.6. Oberwart M. Kerpan

13.9. Bad Hersfeld M. Kerpan

4.10. Ingolstadt M. Mohab

18.10. Kiev R. Esteban

1.11. Munich D. Bachmann

8.11. Karlsruhe M. Mahab

15.11. Krakow A.B. Neman-Kilgren

22.11. Canada M. Kerpan for Rock´n´Roll

22.11. Canada A.B.Neman for Lindy Hop

29.11. Bratislava M. Mohab

Meeting of the Presidium of the WRRC 18./19.1.03 Munich Erding 3

6.12. Lyons W. Steuer

13.12. Vienna W. Steuer

Application from Boogie Magic re. prize money: rejected.

An application has been received from RRC Sixteen Lucerne for the WM

Formations for 2005. The approval of the Swiss Federation will be requested.

Decisions will be reached on applications for 2005 in March.

As regards the application for the Bug and Doublebug Championships on the

Canada weekend, the answer will be sent that the date must be changed.

Nomination of evaluation judges for Canada 2002:

Rock´n´Roll World Champ.

Luc Gonthier CAN

Andre Cabot FRA

Peter Herrmann GER

Angelo Cicconi SUI

Per Hammarlund DEN

Gritli Ramschag-Wollein AUT

Damiano Filippone ITA

Lindy Hop World Champ.

Andre Cabot FRA

Per Hammarlund DEN

Dominique De Coster BEL

Karri Kaksonen FIN

Lennart Näsholm SUE

still 2 to be appointed altogether

Technical Commission

Applications from new evaluation judges:

Application for International Rock'n'Roll Judges' Licence

Darko Torjanac Croatia

Jiri Hais Czech Rep.

Alojzy Nowak Poland

Fabienne Heydens Belgium

were approved.

Applications for International Boogie Judges' Licence

Christer Isberg SWE

David Borg SWE

were approved.

Applications for pool judges

Martha Limburg BEL RR and Boogie (approved)

Elisabeta Gruden SLO RR (approved)

Frank Gerhard GER RR (approved)

Markus Aubele GER RR (approved)

Andre Leschke GER RR (rejected)

Meeting of the Presidium of the WRRC 18./19.1.03 Munich Erding 4

Ralf Schießwohl GER RR (rejected)

Tom Skamo NOR Boogie (approved)

It was also decided to remove Istvan Szalma HUN from the A-pool. He will be

reclassified under Intern. Judges.

Application from Ukraine re. seminar and examination for Larissa Filimonova

/Ivan Ivanov:

Both persons must be able to speak German, English or French, which is not

the case here. The office will send a reply.

As regards the 50% start fees for the WRRC, it was decided that these are to

be paid to the observer by the organiser on the day of the event.

M. Kerpan will inform the organisers.

Anti Doping Code

Mr. Engler and Mr. Wollein will be invited to the GM to report on the current

state of affairs.

Lindy Hop

A new evaluation judge course/examination is planned for Canada.

It was stated once again that the WRRC is not ultimately responsible for

which teams attend the various competitions.

Any other business

WRRC General Meeting and Workshop 7.-9.3.2003 Rome

The GM will be held in english and german languages.

For the GM, the Presidium has submitted an application for a change in the

Statutes as follows:

Addition to the Statutes, Clause 3.3

The members' membership fees are laid down annually by the General

Meeting. However, they shall not exceed 2,000 € per member. The members'

financial contribution obligations are laid down in the Fee Order, which is

approved each year by the General Meeting.

Application for addition of Point 12 to the Statutes, Clause 12

The Presidium may, for the divisions of the WRRC such as RR Acrobatics,

Youth/Juniors, Formations, Boogie, Lindy Hop etc., nominate divisional

commissioners who will advise the Presidium on specifically divisional

matters and provide preparation for decision-making.

During the GM on Saturday, Working Groups will be formed for about 1.5

hours on the following topics:

A Formations Quo Vadis (Chair: M. Mohab)

More Dancers – more Teams

Meeting of the Presidium of the WRRC 18./19.1.03 Munich Erding 5

B Judging System (Chair: M. Kerpan)

More transparency for dancers and public

C Image of Rock´n´Roll ? Measures for a marketing push

(Chair: D. Bachmann)

D Boogie Woogie

Music – Dresses – Competitions! Back to the roots of Boogie Woogie?

(Chair: A.B. Neman-Kilgren)

The chairs will be charged with ensuring that the group stays with the topic

and summarising the statements and results.

It is not their task to push through their own objectives.

In these brainstorming sessions, even unconventional, open ideas should be

put down on paper.

The chairs will nominate a person from their group to present the results.

A registration form will be available online so that delegates can indicate

when they register for the GM and decide which Working Group they want to


On Sunday, the GM will continue with the item from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Timetable 7.-9.3.2003,Rome

Presidium Meeting Thurs., 6.3., 7 p.m. open ended

Workshops Fri. 7.3.

Difference between styles of swing dances 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

(Christer Isberg)

Workshops Sat. 8.3.

Formations with Johann Preuhs 10 to 11.30 a.m.

Guidelines for new Safety Level 3

presented by Damiano Filippone 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

GM WRRC 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

GM WRRC Sun. 9.3., 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


To be provided by D. Fuog all day Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

and Sun., 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Technical equipment will be sorted out by W. Steuer in agreement with the


D. Bachmann will once again bring the interpreting equipment.

4 flip charts will be needed from the hotel for the working groups.

Along with TV, overhead projector, screen. W. Steuer will bring a beam.

Meeting of the Presidium of the WRRC 18./19.1.03 Munich Erding 6

Yearbook and Calendar

M. Kerpan will once again have the Yearbook and Calendar produced.

The calendar will run this year from March (GM) 2003 to February 2004.

Year Book 2003 contents:

All the important events and decisions of 2002.

Something about doping

Something from the 2002 Congress and a preview of the 2003 Congress

All the competition results for 2002 plus photos

The competition calendar for 2003 / 2004

WRRC Congress (open to everyone! Couples, trainers, judges etc.)

Dates 19.-21.9.2003 in Bled

Friday free of charge, Saturday 80 €, Sunday 50 €, Sat./Sun. together 120 €.


Friday from 4 p.m. Judging Seminars for RR all Disciplines

Seminar for CJT Boogie Woogie

Judging Seminar for Bug/Doublebug

Examinations for new Judges RR / Boogie

and Bug/Doublebug

Saturday 9 a.m. -8 p.m. /Sunday 9 a.m-2 p.m.

: Different Lessons for hrs.

Acro A, B, Junior

as video brainstorming (Kerpan) 2

Formations (Preuhs) 1

News rules / Safety Level (Kerpan) 1

Medical Points (Engler) 1.5

Choreogr./Performance (Horvath) 1.5

Motivation and General Preparation of

couples (Vecera /Roman-Katarina) 1.5

Public Relations for couples (? DB) 1

Lindy Hop Inform. (D. De Coster) 1

Bug (A.B. Neman) 1

Total 10.5 hrs.

WRRC Promotion Spot

W. Steuer was asked to have a new, up-to-date WRRC spot produced.

It was decided to award the annual winners 2 cups each, as with the Boogie

World Cup at the last World Masters RR and last Jun. World Cup.

Consideration will be given to honour pins at the next meeting.

Date of next Presidium Meeting:

Sun. 22. and Mon. 23.6.2003 in Munich / Erding

Munich Erding, 19.1.2003

Wolfgang Steuer Marianne Föll

President WRRC Secretary